Middletown Roller Coaster

Postcard titled On the Roller Coaster Midway Park, Middletown, N.Y. Published circa 1910.

Midway Park is a long closed down amusement park. The park opened in 1894 and was owned by The Middletown-Goshen Traction Company, The park was described as "the Coney Island of Middletown and Goshen." The park was located on 40 acres on the Wallkill River, across from what is now the Orange County Golf Club.

Besides the roller coaster which is pictured in the postcard, the amusement park featured such amusements as boating, gift shops, candy stores, billiard tables and a 75-foot-tall lookout tower. It lay at the midpoint of the Middletown-Goshen trolley line.

By 1924, buses replaced the trolley in Middletown. Then in October 1924, the trolley's power plant broke down. There was no money for repairs, so the trolley company died, taking Midway Park with it.

The 40 acre site is still mostly empty, with the only reminder of the park being a historic marker on Midway Road, which still leads to the empty area where the park used to be.